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Steering & Suspension in Atwood, ON

Steering & Suspension

Your Trusted Suspension Shop in Atwood, ON

Are you in search of a reliable suspension shop in Atwood, ON, that can provide top-notch suspension services and repairs? Look no further than DG’s Pro Tech! We specialize in all aspects of suspension work, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is in optimal condition. With a dedicated focus on customer service, our expert team is committed to delivering a comfortable and safe driving experience.

What is the Suspension System?

A vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for managing the vehicle’s ride comfort, handling, and stability. It consists of various parts and components that work together to achieve these functions. Here’s an overview of what the suspension system is and its key components:

Springs: Springs are a fundamental part of the suspension system. They absorb and distribute the impact forces generated when a vehicle encounters bumps and irregularities on the road. There are two primary types of springs used in vehicle suspensions:

  • Coil Springs: These are spiral-shaped springs made of steel or other materials. They compress and expand to absorb shocks and maintain ride height.
  • Leaf Springs: Typically used in trucks and some SUVs, leaf springs consist of layers of metal strips stacked on top of each other. They provide both support and damping.

Shock Absorbers (Dampers): Shock absorbers work in conjunction with springs to control the motion of the suspension. They prevent the vehicle from bouncing excessively after hitting a bump and help maintain tire contact with the road surface. Shock absorbers use hydraulic or gas-based mechanisms to absorb and dissipate energy.

Control Arms: Control arms, also known as A-arms, are components that connect the suspension to the vehicle’s frame or body. They play a crucial role in controlling the movement of the wheels and maintaining proper alignment.

Sway Bars (Stabilizer Bars): Sway bars reduce body roll and enhance stability during cornering. They connect the suspension on one side of the vehicle to the opposite side, helping to distribute weight and minimize leaning.

Bushings: Bushings are rubber or polyurethane components that provide a cushioning effect at various suspension connection points. They reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and allow for some degree of flexibility in the suspension system.

Struts: In many modern vehicles, struts combine the shock absorber and the coil spring functions into a single unit. Struts simplify the suspension design and can enhance overall vehicle stability and handling.

Wheel and Tire Assemblies: Wheels and tires are critical elements of the suspension system, as they are the primary points of contact with the road. Proper tire selection, inflation, and alignment are essential for optimal suspension performance.

The suspension system’s primary functions are to:

  • Absorb and dampen shocks and vibrations from the road, providing a comfortable ride for passengers.
  • Maintain tire contact with the road surface to ensure traction, stability, and control.
  • Control body movement, minimizing roll, pitch, and dive during acceleration, braking, and cornering.
  • Enhance handling and steering responsiveness for a safer and more predictable driving experience.

Importance of Proper Suspension Maintenance

Proper suspension maintenance is vital for several reasons:

Safety: A well-maintained suspension system contributes to your vehicle’s stability and control. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures your safety on the road.

Comfort: A functioning suspension system provides a comfortable ride by absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road surface. This translates to a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

Tire Wear: A well-aligned and balanced suspension system prevents uneven tire wear. It extends the lifespan of your tires and saves you money in the long run.

Handling: A properly maintained suspension system enhances your vehicle’s handling, allowing for better maneuverability and responsiveness.

Fuel Efficiency: A well-tuned suspension system can improve fuel efficiency by ensuring that your tires maintain optimal contact with the road, reducing rolling resistance.

What Causes a Car Suspension to Go Bad?

A car’s suspension system can deteriorate or “go bad” over time due to various factors. The suspension system is subjected to a range of stresses and impacts while driving. As a result, its components can wear out or become damaged. Here are some common causes of suspension issues and why they occur:

Normal Wear and Tear: Suspension components are subject to constant movement and pressure; over time, they can naturally wear out. This wear and tear can affect the performance of parts such as shock absorbers, bushings, and ball joints.

Harsh Driving Conditions: Rough roads, potholes, speed bumps, and uneven terrain can put extra stress on the suspension system. Driving in areas with poor road quality can lead to accelerated wear and damage.

Lack of Maintenance: Like any other part of your vehicle, the suspension system requires regular maintenance to function optimally. Neglecting maintenance tasks like wheel alignments, inspections, and lubrication can lead to suspension problems.

Corrosion and Rust: Exposure to moisture, road salt, and other environmental factors can cause corrosion and rust on suspension components. This weakens their structural integrity.

Overloading: Exceeding the recommended weight capacity of your vehicle or carrying heavy loads regularly can put excessive strain on the suspension system. In turn, this leads to premature wear.

Accidents or Collisions: Collisions, even minor ones, can damage suspension components, such as control arms, struts, or springs. It’s essential to have the suspension inspected after any accident.

What Does Damaged Suspension Feel Like?

A damaged suspension often manifests through noticeable signs, such as:

Bumpy Ride: Your vehicle may feel rougher over uneven road surfaces, with more pronounced bumps and jolts.

Poor Handling: Difficulty in steering, reduced control, and increased body roll during turns are common signs of suspension problems.

Uneven Tire Wear: Uneven tire wear, where one side of a tire wears faster than the other, can be indicative of suspension issues.

Is it OK to Drive with a Broken Suspension System?

Driving with a compromised suspension is not advisable. It compromises your safety and puts additional stress on other vehicle components, potentially leading to more costly repairs. If you suspect suspension issues, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected and repaired promptly.

Suspension Repair Services

At DG’s Pro Tech, we offer a comprehensive range of suspension repair and maintenance services, including:

Shocks and Struts Replacement: We can replace worn-out shocks and struts to restore your vehicle’s ride quality and handling.

Wheel Alignment: Proper wheel alignment ensures even tire wear, improved fuel efficiency, and better handling.

Leaf Springs Replacement: If you have leaf spring suspension, we can repair or replace damaged springs to restore load-carrying capacity.

Steering and Suspension System Diagnosis: Our advanced diagnostic tools and expert technicians can identify and address any suspension issues accurately.

Book an Appointment at DG’s Pro Tech for Steering & Suspension Repair Services in Atwood, ON

If you suspect suspension problems or require routine maintenance, book an appointment with DG’s Pro Tech in Atwood, ON. Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your vehicle’s suspension system is in top condition.

Experience the difference of a smooth, comfortable ride with DG’s Pro Tech. Contact us now to schedule your suspension service or repair appointment. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Our Customer Reviews

Very intelligent staff and technicians! 100% recommend !

Kyle Steckley Jun 6, 2024

I’m new to Listowel and was looking for a car repair place. DG’s was recommended. They were friendly, professional and the cost was less than I would have paid in the city! They even dropped me back home and dropped off the car when the job was done! I’m very impressed!

Theresa Karn May 5, 2024

Always an excellent experience at DG's. The service was top-notch, and Tyson was fantastic—professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!

Justin Hergott May 5, 2024

Excellent staff and technicians , they went above and beyond to get my Ram 1500 running properly again after 2 other garages failed to do so . They even gave me a loaner vehicle to use while mine was in the shop ! There is a reason I didn’t mind driving an hour to use their services. They will take care of all my vehicles needs in the future . Thank you DGS Protech .

Peter Racz Enterprises May 5, 2024

Excellent advice and great work. Took the time to explain everything to our satisfaction.

Lori chessell May 5, 2024

DG's Pro Tech did some work on my truck and did a great job at a very reasonable price. They also completed a complimentary inspection on my truck and alerted me to things that needed attention and eased my mind about things that don't. Dustin has probably spent close to an hour total on the phone with me personally explaining things to me, which I really appreciate. I also had great experiences talking to Tyson and Megan. I'll be back for future work that I can't handle myself.

Myles Brady Apr 4, 2024

Bringing my truck here was the best decision I could have made. Its a few years old, has a lot more KM on it, but my truck has been with them since new and its in better shape now than RAM ever thought it could be. Vehicles weren't designed to be taken care of THIS well. DGs die hard for life.


Amazing service right from the beginning, super friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and did what ever they could to help me in a pinch.

Jamie Santos Mar 3, 2024

No better ford diesel tech out there hands down

Jarret Marx Feb 2, 2024

Highly recommend DG's if you're looking for a cost effective and down to earth mechanic. Both Dustin and Tyson are fantastic; super informative, and friendly. I finally don't feel like I'm getting screwed over when I visit the mechanic. These guys know what they're doing.

Sierra W Feb 2, 2024

Thank you for the prompt and friendly service Greatly appreciated. A+++

Helen Wiebe Jan 1, 2024

Highly recommend!!! My car broke down when I was in Listowel, I was 1 hr away from home. A stressful situation was eased when DG’s Pro Tech kindly and quickly replaced my starter in just a couple of hours. They were friendly, professional and explained everything. I am very grateful to have found a helpful and trustworthy auto repair shop! A pleasure to deal with!!!

Amanda McKenzie Dec 12, 2023

These folks are courteous, honest, and very down to earth. It's a very busy but well-managed shop.

schmutzie4 Nov 11, 2023

Dg’s does a great job! They are always quick and the jobs are done right! I would highly recommend Dusty and his team!

Neil Anstett Nov 11, 2023

Everyone at Dg’s is very professional and customer service oriented. They listened to what we were hoping to accomplish with our duramax and delivered 100%. We are extremely happy with the results! Thanks guys!

Peter.Angela Koobs Oct 10, 2023

We just used DG's Pro Tech to install a factory prep package into a brand new 2023 Ram 2500. Dustin and Eva were great to work with. Very prompt with responses and were able to schedule us in a timely manner. I would recommend DG's to anyone searching for automotive repairs.

Dillan Wightman May 5, 2023

This review has to do with their Social Media customer engagement, specifically their YouTube Channel and the information they provide to their viewers. The fact that Dustin can explain things in simple terms, makes him and his team experts. Their social media content is engaging and informative & top notch. While I reside in Alberta, I follow and engage in their platforms and understand my Power Stroke 6.0 a lot better. If I was local, I would 100% be stepping foot inside to get work done! - Jeff

Corradetti Motorsports May 5, 2023

Staff is super friendly, very knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. They fixed my issues and alerted me on other issues I didn’t know I had some more pressing and some that can wait. No pressure from their team at all and was a pleasure to deal with. I’ll be back!

Eric Hutchings May 5, 2023

Extremely professional, personable and they do honest good work.

Kyle Bowles Apr 4, 2023

I highly recommend these guys, everytime i have brought my vehicle to them, they have been amazing to deal with. They are very thorough and know what theyre doing. They work with you and for you on every aspect and i have never gotten my vehicle back without a complete description of the repairs that were performed, and sometimes even pictures. They are polite and respectful and quick to get back to you, and always answer my questions proffessionally. My vehicles will not be going anywhere else but here, going forward. Thanks guys!! the "DG" team rocks!!

Anne Gibson Apr 4, 2023

Had transmission rebuilt my oil pan replaced, my front end rebuilt, and few other things for my 07 ram 2500! Did fantastic job, truck drives, shifts, handles great, dusty is really nice guy, knows his stuff, and is extremely patient with you! Definitely recommend bringing your truck to his shop

Jon Fiddick Apr 4, 2023

The owner Dusty is super knowledgeable and very helpful. They helped me with an issue I was having with my 2012 F150. I will definitely be recommending them to all my family and friends in the future. Thanks.

Jarek Stache Feb 2, 2023

kind friendly and helpful talked with the owner dustin he took the time to explain what I need done to my 6.0 powerstroke without cutting corners, will be sending truck to them very very helpful

Matt Morin Feb 2, 2023

Great service. Nice reporting tool with pictures detailing identified issues. I would definitely recommend.

Derek Mendez Jan 1, 2023

Highly recommend DGs pro tech! Dustin is full of extremely good knowledge when it comes to automotive repair and won’t ever steer you in the wrong direction. Dealing with Tyson and the rest of the team at the service desk is always is a pleasure as well! Well worth the drive to get work done by them!

Evan Romaniuk Jan 1, 2023

Was recommended to Dustin by a mutual friend its a bit of a Drive for me say an hour some major work was performed on my truck price amazing the overall experience amazing I am glad I took the chance Dustin you and your crew are phenomenal keep doing what you guys do

jason bickford Nov 11, 2022

Very in depth with their work, kept me in the loop with everything going on and you can tell they take pride in their work.

Jesse Forwell Nov 11, 2022

I recently had my ford in for DGs bulletproofing and a few extras I requested and I will say, from the quote right to the time of picking my truck up the entire process was one of the most positive I’ve had at any shop. The guys at Dg’s are not only nice to work with but they’re very knowledgeable, thorough and the workmanship is second to none. I will definitely be a returning customer and would recommend this shop to anyone. Don’t wait any longer, take your truck down to dg’s and get it fixed right, the first time!

Austin Shaw Oct 10, 2022

Brought my 40 year old mustang for a frame welding job. Job was done perfectly and on time. I could see right away the welds were fantastic. Job was estimated one price and thats exactly what I paid. Thanks guys.

Tim Zzz Sep 9, 2022

What a amazing crew at DG's Pro Tech, they helped me diagnose a transmission leak on my pickup, they found the leak and repaired it in respectable timely manner. I am satisfied with the service they supplied. I also felt very welcomed inside the shop for first time. I am very happy that I took my truck to DG's pro tech! Definitely my go to shop for my ole duramax ! Thank you again guys , 10/10 would recommend to anyone that needs a shop to work on your pickup! Want to say thanks to Noah and Dustin for taking care of my truck. Also want to say very professional shop and very good pricing too. Also live a hour and half away from DG's pro tech but worth the drive and hard to trust shops around me locally so I go to DG's Pro Tech ! Cheers !

Andy Pedro Jun 6, 2022

Friendly, Fast and Reliable. Three of the most important traits a company could have in the industry. Highly recommend.

Moorley's Racing Jun 6, 2022

Awesome place, awesome people. Highly recommend for any kind of automotive needs

David Peters Mar 3, 2022

Great experience having work done here. Customer service is 2nd to none and work is stood behind. Will be back the next time my truck needs work.

Jonathon Blydorp Jan 1, 2022

Great shop, will definitely be a repeat customer.

Ryan Buehler Dec 12, 2021

The team at DG's was incredible to deal with. I explained my issue and based on the concerns of it they got me in as soon as possible. They were courteous, professional and thorough, not to mention prompt with their quote and timelines. Highly recommend!

Tam Hamilton Dec 12, 2021

Great knowledge, know how along with outstanding customer service. If you need work on your diesel truck, this is the shop for you...

Eric Morin Nov 11, 2021

Great customer service

Jim Chapman Nov 11, 2021

Great Service and quality of work. The folks at DG's renewed my faith in the automotive service industry. First good experience I've had with a mechanic in a very long time. Highly recommend Them. They are a 2 hour drive from my home but I don't think I'll use anyone else for my mechanical needs, well worth the drive.

Joshua Smith Oct 10, 2021

Brought My Old Sweet Betsy for TLC, and this is the Place to get the Ball Rolling 😊👌

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